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Do you want peace, love and happiness? Do you want to develop personally and spiritually? Do you want to get the best out of yourself? Then you've come to the right place!

With gentle touch, under loving guidance and in a safe space, you will discover your full potential, empower yourself and create your ideal life.

We do this by using:

Consciousness coaching & Energy Therapy

Kundalini Activation, Workshops & Retreats

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Anneminke Bakker - contact

An introduction

I am Anneminke Bakker, consciousness coach, psycho-energetic therapist, kundalini facilitator and Christ energy healer in Delft. My passion is to inspire people to live a life full of joy, love and self-esteem, with a focus on consciously creating your ideal life.

My intuition is highly developed, so I quickly experience the core of the problem and know what the solution is to transform it into something positive. Through conscious attunement I function as a channel between Source/Love/God and the energy of the person or group and receive information about what I can say or do to assist in the process.

Feel free to take a look around my website. Do you have questions or are you inspired? You are very welcome for a free, no-obligation introductory meeting.

Love, Anneminke



Focuses on what you want to experience and how you can apply it in your daily life with tips and tools. You therefore create a life that makes you happy.

Kundalini Activation


Breaks through patterns and releases emotional ballast. As a result, you ground more into your body, you feel lighter and experience peace and relaxation.

Consciousness Coaching


Experience the benefits of Kundalini energy flow such as expansion of consciousness, healing, grounding, self-love and confidence.

Energy Therapy


How nice is it to dive into the depths for a few days with like-minded people to expand your consciousness, feel self-love and experience freedom?




"It was not my first Kundalini experience with Anneminke, and I hope not the last! It was a real journey to my heart and soul, accompanied by great music and energy flow, sometimes also by her soft touches. All this with appropriate sharing in the group, dancing, drawing and reading spiritual cards, snacks at the end to ground ourselves. What a beautiful gift to myself at the end of the year! Thank you, dear Anneminke! :)"



"Today we completed a coaching process of five sessions and I have come so much closer to myself as a result! Anneminke provides a very safe environment and due to her holistic approach and combination of different forms of treatment, every session is different but exactly what I need at that moment I am deeply grateful to Anneminke for the insights she has given me, the questions she asked me and the guidance during my process. If you are looking for a nice and good coach, I definitely recommend that you see if you you click with Anneminke!"



"Thanks AnneminkeI enjoyed the energetic afternoon. I think you did it all very beautifully, lovingly and carefully and shared it with us. I experienced a lot of softness and that makes me happy. By dancing we loosen ourselves up, at least that's how I experience it and then while lying down I experience everything and let it pass through me. From head to toe. Delicious. I often experienced no body or any kind of spaciousness and a lot of energy flowing through me, which is me. You guided me in it and I recognized it and allowed it. Cool though.I wish you all the luck in your giving and receiving work. Together with your strong and generous partner. See you again."


What does your life look like right now?

Below are some examples of how you may be feeling now or what you are experiencing in your life:

- You feel depressed, sad or angry

- You feel tired, tense, overwrought or frustrated

- You may be experiencing problems in your relationship or work

- Events from your past still influence your life

- Perhaps an illness or loss of a loved one determines your life right now

- The voices in your head say something different than your feelings and you don't know which one or how to choose

- You want to develop mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually

- You are full of questions.

How would you like to feel and what would you like to experience?

Using our methods, we can assist you with the following:

+ You feel fit, relaxed, enterprising

+ You have great relationships and you flourish in the field of work

+ You focus on how you want to feel now and in the future

+ You are healthy and energetic

+ You feel loving and powerful

+ You are in charge of your life

+ You radiate and this has a positive effect on your environment

+ You know how the relationship works between your thoughts, feelings and actions and can therefore manifest consciously

+ You feel connected, whole and have mystical experiences

+ You will get answers to your questions.


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Anneminke Bakker - contact

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Anneminke Bakker - contact


Let us know where you could use a helping hand. Together we can get your life (back) on track using our expertise in coaching and kundalini activation.