Freedom! Retreat

Zomer retraite vrijheid 25-27 augustus

Freedom! Retreat

After a very successful and super nice freedom retreat last summer, we are very happy to welcome you again for the upcoming retreats in 2024! It promises to be beautiful, magical and supernatural again!

The retreat is for anyone who is willing to let go of control and go with the flow, dares and wants to tackle his/her processes, wants to create a life that makes him/her happy and above all: the love for rediscover oneself.


Guided Meditation - FREE

Kundalini Activatie

Every first Wednesday of the month you are welcome for a FREE guided meditation from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM.

Meditation gives you peace, clarity and connection. By meditating together we create a large, strong field of pleasant energy and connection.

"Wonderfully relaxing experience in a serene environment. Completely away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life." - Paula

>>> There are a maximum of 6 places available. Please send an email that you are coming.

Feel welcome!

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Date and time

Every 1st Wednesday of the month

20.30 - 21.30 hrs.


Doelenstraat 29, 2611 NR Delft



More information

Contact us via info@kundalini-experience.com or 06 13 24 30 76


Ecstatic Dance

Soul Connection - Lichtlichaam Activatie

Ecstatic Dance

Come dance freely this evening in the spiritual church of Delft! We provide a safe and loving setting where you can dance the way you want. Everything is allowed, as long as you respect the guidelines.

We open the dance floor with an opening ceremony and warming-up, so that you come out of your head into your body. Then the dance journey starts. For this evening, Anneminke has brought some special music together to turn our inner dance journey into a party! We end the evening together in a circle. Afterwards you can have a nice chat with your fellow dancers.

7:30 PM - doors open
8:00 PM - opening ceremony & warming up (doors close)
8:20 PM - start dance journey
10:00 PM - closing circle
10:30 PM - end

✦ free dancing on barefoot (or socks/dance slippers)
✦ the evening is free of alcohol, drugs & tobacco
✦ we dance in (word) silence, you are allowed to make sounds
✦ put your phone on silent and leave it in the cloakroom
✦ respect each other's space

Tea, water and light snacks are included.

Parking is available in various parking garages in the center of Delft. Voorstraat 51 is very easy to reach by public transport. Are you coming with an electric bicycle? Take your battery inside.
No refunds & no rescheduling.

Date and time

Friday, July 12

19.30 - 22.30 hrs.


Spiritueel Huis, Voorstraat 51, 2611 JL Delft


From €12,50


✔ Dance freely

✔ Safe and loving setting

✔ Tea, water & light snacks

More information

Contact us via info@kundalini-experience.com or 06 13 24 30 76


Kundalini Activation Ceremony

Kundalini Activatie

A kundalini activation is a powerful method to raise your consciousness to a higher plane. It gives you energy, healing, awareness, expansion, love and enlightenment. With us, the ceremony is unique because of the ceremonial, healing setting, rose tea ceremony, dance and personal attention.

In addition to kundalini energy, healing, cosmic love energy is used to really boost your process. And the nice thing is: you don't have to do anything for it! The important thing is that you surrender to the energy and music. Let your body do the work.

So many beautiful people have already had such a powerful and fine experience:

"I experience more energy since the kundalini activation. Have been times really very tired and that everything felt too much for me. Feel my sparkle back again! Hugely grateful so." ~ Annemieke

"In a form of deep meditation I went on a journey. Such a special experience! Afterwards I feel that the life energy is really activated. That happy feeling to take on life is finally back." ~ Marike

Feel welcome for your next step to a lighter beautiful life!

Date and time:

Saturday, July 13 15.00-18.00 hrs.


Licht op Yoga, Kruisstraat 53, Eindhoven




✔ 1 Kundalini activation

✔ Ceremony, dance and meditation 

✔ Unlimited tea, water and snacks

✔ Small group

Personal attention

More information

Contact us via info@kundalini-experience.com or 06 13 24 30 76

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